Note: From it’s inception in 1996 to circa 2010, The Doctor’s Office website was primarily geared towards a youth audience. While the studies below were originally written with a 13-17 year old readership in mind, the author trusts that readers of all ages will continue to find value in these older youth-oriented messages.

Tell Me More   Gossip

The Truth   Honesty In Motivations

The Real Thing   False Teachers

Checking Out   Suicide

Give Peace A Chance   Peace With God And Others

Smashed, Lit, Wasted   Teen Drinking

Temptation   Handling Temptation

Looking For Love   What Is Love According To The Bible?

That’s Showbiz   Sex And Violence In Movies, Music And Games

Graduation Day   Life After Graduation

Tunes   Making Good Decisions About Music

Helping Out   Giving When Others Are  In Need

Growth Factor   Dealing With Spiritual Immaturity

Sticking Together   Unity Among Christians

Anger   Dealing With Anger In Your Life

Big Decisions   Biblical Decision Making

Gray Areas   “Gray Area” Decision Making

Your Decision   Making The Right Kind Of Lifestyle Choices

Choices   Choices Lead To Consequences

You Reap What You Sow    What Will Be Served At Your Feast Of Consequences?

Masks   Hypocrisy

True Colors   Love, Flattery & Hypocrisy

Cause And Effect   The Positive Changes Brought About By God’s Work In Our Lives

Beliefs   Beliefs Translate Into Actions

Sell Out   Materialism And Carnality

Close To Home   Do You Feel “At Home” In This World?

Forgiveness   Forgiving Others

Taking a Gamble   Teen Gambling

Making Progress   Measuring Up Our Spiritual Lives

What’s it Worth to You?   The Cost of Being a Disciple

The End   Death

Heroes   Baseball Great Mickey Mantle And Alcohol Abuse

I Swear?   Swearing And Profanity

Playing Favorites   Favoritism

Pressure   When Events In Life Make You Feel Like You Want To Give Up

Worth Fighting For?   Arguments And Foolish Discussions

Heart Monitor   Having Right Hearts Before God

Some Assembly Required   The Importance Of Going To Church

Parental Advisory   Getting Along With Your Parents

Taking The Easy Way Out   When You Feel Like You “Just Want To Be Like Everybody Else”

Money   Handling Money In Way That Honors God

R-E-S-P-E-C-T   Gaining Respect From Others

Judgment Day   Is Right To “Judge” Other People?

Christians, Government, And War   A Christian’s Relationship To Government, Especially In Times Of War

The First Step   Following God When We Don’t Know Where He’s Leading

Good News And Bad News   When The “Good News” Is Really Bad News

Practice Makes Perfect   “Staying Sharp” As A Christian

Millennium Madness   Y2K, The Future, And The Last Days

Truth Or Consequences   Communicating The Truth In A Way That Honors God And Respects Others

Time Running Out?   Facing The Future In Light Of The World Trade Center Attacks

Red Alert   Handling Times Of Crisis In Your Life

Leading The Way   A Look At  Jesus’ Teaching On Humility