Seven Letters

by The Doctor

From it’s inception in 1996 to circa 2010, The Doctor’s Office website was primarily geared towards a youth audience. While the studies below were originally written with a 13-17 year old readership in mind, the author trusts that readers of all ages will continue to find value in these older youth-oriented messages. 

Introduction  An Introduction To Jesus’ Letters To The Seven Churches Of Revelation

Ephesus Part I  Jesus Commends The Church At Ephesus

Ephesus Part II  Jesus’ Problem With The Church At Ephesus

Smyrna   Jesus’ Message Of Encouragement To The Church At Smyrna

Pergamum Part I   Jesus Commends The Church At Pergamum

Pergamum Part II  Jesus’ Issues With The Church At Pergamum

Thyatira Part I  Jesus Commends The Church At Thyatira And Identifies A False Teacher There

Thyatira Part II  Lessons From The False Teaching In Thyatira

Thyatira Part III  “Spiritual Secrets” Aren’t Always Worth Knowing

Sardis Part I  A Church With A Great Reputation Is Not What It Appears To Be

Sardis Part II  Where The Church At Sardis Went Wrong -And How To Avoid Making The Same Mistake

Sardis Part III  The Worthy Few

Philadelphia Part I  Truth, Holiness, Locks, And Keys

Philadelphia Part II  Opportunity Knocks, and Everyone Is Not Always What They Claim To Be

Philadelphia Part III  How To Stay Out Of Trouble, And The Future That Is Waiting For God’s People

Laodicea Part I  Whose Church Is This?

Laodicea Part II  Why Didn’t Jesus Just Make The Laodiceans Into The People He Wanted Them To Be?

Laodicea Part III  The Laodicean’s Self-Deception

Laodicea Part IV  The Cost Of Indifference