From it’s inception in 1996 to circa 2010, The Doctor’s Office website was primarily geared towards a youth audience. While the studies below were originally written with a 13-17 year old readership in mind, the author trusts that readers of all ages will continue to find value in these older youth-oriented messages. 

Part 1:  Introduction  What Is A “Worldview” And Why Is It Important?

Part 2:  A Biblical Worldview  The Foundation Of A Biblical Worldview

Part 3:  Objections To A Biblical Worldview Part I  Atheism, Agnosticism And Pantheism

Part 4:  Objections To A Biblical Worldview Part II  What If The World Is Just An Illusion, Is The Universe Eternal and Why Can’t We Just Keep Going Back Through Time?

Part 5:  Objections To A Biblical Worldview Part III  Humanism

Part 6: Ungodliness, Unrighteousness And Suppressing The Truth What Makes God Really Angry?

Part 7: Choosing Against The Evidence The Evidence For God And Why People Try To Suppress It

Part 8: Cause And Effect  The Results That Come From Rejecting The Truth Of God’s Existence